Were the Eagles right to let Nick Foles leave?

askfoles.0 - Were the Eagles right to let Nick Foles leave?

This week, retired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz weighs in on the risk of locking down Carson Wentz, as well as the Trent Williams situation in Washington.

It’s our weekly NFL mailbag time! Now that the NBA season is over, the countdown to football is real. Before we know it, training camps will open up, the Hall of Fame Game will be played, and we are off and running!

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What dirt does Carson Wentz have on the Eagles organization to have Nick Foles offloaded and get a monster contract (for a QB that isn’t often healthy come January)? — @PabloBison

I know there’s some sarcasm here, but I totally understand the question. Let’s start with the first part. The Eagles made the right decision in letting Nick Foles leave in free agency.

The two-game stretch to end the Eagles’ Super Bowl run by Foles will never be truly appreciated. Not only did a backup QB win a Super Bowl, but he dominated in his role. He was elite. He was the Super Bowl MVP. The Eagles did a marvelous job of creating a game plan that suits what Foles does best, and he executed it. All the credit to Foles for that.

However, in the end, Foles has played mostly like a backup QB outside of those two games and one 400-yard game last season. Take out those three games (NFC Championship, Super Bowl, and against the Texans) and Foles has thrown for more than 270 yards once in the past two seasons. His yards per attempt number is below 7 in most of those games as well. He’s been a good backup and nothing more. The Eagles kept and extended the younger and extremely more talented Carson Wentz.

Is there risk in signing Wentz to a long-term deal with his injury history? Heck yes. But when he’s been healthy, he’s been outstanding. He was going to win the 2017 MVP before getting injured. His numbers last season put him in the elite category. Does he need to be better within the flow of the offense? Yes. There’s much room for growth, and the Eagles believe they can get that out of him.

Signing Wentz to a contract now will save the Eagles money on the back end. If Wentz can stay healthy and keep improving, this contract will be a steal in the years to come.

Lastly, since we are here, I have my doubts that Foles will be able to duplicate his Eagles success in Jacksonville for some of the reasons I stated above. Doug Pederson and staff designed a game plan, with plenty of RPO use, that fit Foles perfectly: quick passes, play action, and not a bunch of processing the entire field. He was also helped out by a strong run game and offensive line.

The Jaguars have the potential to be great along the offensive line (if healthy) and running the football. What Foles has going for him is he won’t be Blake Bortles. He won’t lose you a game and you trust him to make plays in big situations because he’s shown that can be done. That should make the Jaguars’ offense more confident in late-game situations, at least.

What do you make of the Trent Williams situation?@mmford10

Trent Williams, Washington’s longtime franchise left tackle, didn’t report to the offseason program and minicamp due to a reported dispute over medical care with the team doctors.

According to coach Jay Gruden, Williams is upset over the handling of a benign tumor on his head. Williams recently posted a photo on Instagram that appeared to show him in the process of getting ready for surgery and it’s been reported this was a quick cosmetic procedure for that tumor.

I’m never going to question how a player feels about his medical care within the facility. I know I’ve had my fair share of issues with doctors and trainers, so I understand how Williams could be upset. However, I think he’s using this opportunity to push for a new deal. This doesn’t mean he’s making up his disappointment in the medical staff. But since he’s got the attention of the franchise, he could use his leverage as a seven-time Pro Bowler to get paid.

Williams knows the options in the building at left tackle are brutal and Washington just drafted a future franchise quarterback in Dwayne Haskins. On the other hand, he’s missed at least two games each season since 2015 and has a bum knee. He’s still elite and his play is deserving of a new deal, but that injury history could be the holdup for him getting one.

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